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Shop, Look and Listen: A Guide to the Changing Face of Fashion

Although I've been working in this industry for over five years, it is only relatively recently that my eyes have been opened to the riches of responsible fashion. So what are the alternatives and who are the people fighting for change?

This blog is part of a month-long focus around sustainable fashion across HuffPost UK Style and Lifestyle. Here we aim to champion some of the emerging names in fashion and shine a light on the truth about the impact our appetite for fast fashion has around the world.

As the spotlight continues to shine on the fast fashion industry, the issues of mass consumption are rightly ever-present in our minds. And as we become increasingly aware of its realities, the need for an alternative is clearly paramount.

Director Andrew Morgan's movie, The True Cost, caused visible outrage amongst its audiences when it exposed the true face of fast fashion. After initial exclamations of shock and disbelief, the conversation often turns to the question of where to find responsibly produced clothing without sacrificing style.

Although I've been working in this industry for over five years, it is only relatively recently that my eyes have been opened to the riches of responsible fashion. So what are the alternatives and who are the people fighting for change?

There are more voices out there than you might think and separating the wheat from the chaff can be a disconcerting task. As someone who reads about and researches responsible design every day, it's easy to forget how long it has taken me to tailor my social media feeds, inbox and wardrobe to reflect my interests, values and taste.

I've lost count of the number of times I've hit unsubscribe or un-follow on this journey of discovery and while it is an ongoing process, I've now reached a point where almost everything complies with my personal interests and professional standards. So for those out there looking to engage with responsible and forward thinking fashion, here are some contenders worthy of your attention:

Take a look at:

Attyre, Blog

A gem of a discovery with bite sized features on the latest brands and developments in sustainable design. Freelance writer Rosie Clarke never seems to miss a story and updates the blog on a speedy basis.

ecouterre, Blog

Packed with a diverse range of features, ecouterre's on top of what's happening in the sustainable design sphere, from the newly enterprising through to the long established. Sign up to their newsletter to get a summary of the best articles straight to your inbox.

Centre for Sustainable Fashion (part of the London College of Fashion), Blog

A weekly blog post from the CSF team offers insight into the nitty gritty issues beneath the surface of the fashion industry today, often from the perspective of London College of Fashion students themselves.

Subscribe to:

Not Just A Label, Newsletter

A virtual haven of independent designers, NJAL is the place to buy truly original style. Their newsletter is short and concise; they'll send an article and a style edit; you take it from there...

Eco Fashion Talk, Newsletter

Clear but compact, Eco Fashion Talk offers you a snapshot of the world of responsible and cutting edge design from one of the leaders in the field, Sass Brown.

Shop at:

Gather and See, E-commerce shop

Stocking brands concerned with 'aesthetics as much as their ethics', Gather and See offers a curated collection of accessible and responsible style. Check out 'The Gatherer' for the inside scoop into where, when and how the collections are put together.

Good for: Jersey basics with an edge

Brands to look out for: Kowtow/Beaumont Organic

The Acey, E-commerce shop

With a focus on 'innovation and integrity', The Acey offers a mix of effortless style as well as less conventional pieces. No high street prices, no high street style.

Good for: One colour basics and timeless outerwear.

Brands to look out for: Brawl/Collective

Rêve en vert, E-commerce shop

Founded 'in response to the evolving nature of contemporary style into something a bit too consumptive and trend-based' Rêve en vert's style edit offers something for all. Check out their editorial section for 'sustainable city guides' and style inspiration.

Good for: Underwear and jewellery

Brands to look out for: Baserange/Odette New York

Not Just A Label, E-commerce shop

A haven for new talent, NJAL supports new designers starting out on a small scale. Their 'ethical/sustainable' category offers individuality and exclusivity with pieces for both the understated and the bold.

Good for: Seasonless style and masculine silhouettes

Brands to look out for: THISISNON/Hanger Inc

This post was originally featured on the study 34 blog

HuffPost UK Lifestyle is running a special series around Sustainable Fashion for the month of September. Livia Firth is creative director of Eco-Age and founder of The Green Carpet Challenge, and will be guest editing on 18 September. If you'd like to blog or get involved, please email us.

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