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How To Handle Being The Favourite Parent

My daughter made it clear, from a very young age, who her favourite parent was. I'll give you a hint: it wasn't Daddy. At the weekends, she would tell him to go away, to go to work. She only wanted Mummy. So when we decided to have another child, I thought Husband would get his chance at being the favourite parent. It never occurred to me that I would be the favoured parent to both children.


Children are fickle creatures. One day they only want mummy to change their nappy, and the next day they are daddy's shadow. But as I am in the throes of the former (and have been for three years), I thought I would offer some tips on what not to do.

1. Don't say things like 'Don't worry honey, I'm sure he/she loves you'. It just sounds like you're rubbing it in, says Husband.

2. Don't offer reasons as to why your child doesn't favour your partner. Husband doesn't find this constructive.

3. Don't offer your partner 'helpful' tips on how to make your child like them. According to Husband, that is very condescending.

4. Don't say things like 'I hope nothing ever happens to me, imagine how sad he/she would be if you were the only parent'. Husband says that is quite cruel.

5. Don't make sad noises and give your partner pitying looks when your child screams at their very presence. Apparently, it does not ease the pain, says Husband.

6. Don't laugh when your child hits and kicks if your partner tries to read him/her a story. Husband says that it is not funny, and somewhat painful.

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