24/01/2013 12:03 GMT | Updated 25/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Why Do Ant and Dec Always Win?

"And the winner, of the Entertainment Presenter award goes to... Ant & Dec!"

We've heard this sentence before right? Eleven times in fact. And then last night they only won it again making it an incredible twelve years in a row that they've won that award.

So as the losers, Keith Lemon, Dermot O'Leary and Alan Carr don their best loser faces, I ask why do the two lads from Newcastle continue to reign supreme in the Entertainment Presenter category? What is it that makes them so appealing? And also, is it such a bad thing that they keep winning?

I think one of the big reasons they keep winning has to be I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, the show the Geordie duo have famously presented since 2002. The show continues to pull in big ratings and a familiar answer to the question "Why do you still watch the show?" is, "Because of Ant & Dec." The answer is very rarely because of the celebs.

So why, for a show that's meant to be all about the celebrities taking part do Ant and Dec overshadow it? Don't get me wrong the celebrities are still very much part of the show, and without them Ant and Dec would be left with little to no material to work with.

For me, their comic timing is a major factor of their success. Not necessarily known for their comedy you could quite easily mistake them for stand-up comedians. Who doesn't love the way in which they both rip the piss out of the campmates? Whether it's Gillian McKeith fainting, Helen Flanagan failing yet another task or a celebrity eating a Kangaroo's testicle, they're always there providing the laughs for the audience at home.

In between clips of celebrities in the jungle, the boys love to crack jokes about what we've just seen. Take the last series for example in which Nadine Dorries MP famously appeared, every night Dec would make a joke where he would look straight down the camera and say "Evening Prime Minister." The thought behind it being that the PM is sat at home, feet up, watching Nadine in the jungle. Despite making the joke EVERY night, it never got boring and I laughed every time.

Aside from the jungle, what else do they do? Only the biggest talent show on the telly, behind that one with the X though, Britain's Got Talent. Covering the audition stages and live shows their cheeky personalities really shine through, especially when watching the less talented take to the stage and who could forget having to put up with David Walliams' flirting with his Simon.

OK, so they present two of the biggest shows in the country and are due to return to Saturday night telly with Saturday Night Takeaway but what is it that makes Ant and Dec in many cases bigger than the show? Aside from their ability to be very funny.

Well, they're likeable lads and most of us have grown up with them and seen them grow into who they are today. From their early days on Byker Grove, their short-lived music career and their first presenting job on CITV in 1994 we've been there with them, and enjoyed being there on their journey.

There's no denying that they have a great on screen chemistry, and one that's missing from many presenting duos. When you sit in front of the telly and Ant and Dec come on it's almost like having your best friend watching with you, except they're actually in the TV. Weird but you get where I'm coming from right?

So to finish up. Do I think they deserve winning Entertainment Presenter for the twelfth time in a row? Is it unfair? Well, not to down on the competition but no one lives up to their standard. Dermot's good and all but the X Factor is bigger than him. Alan Carr has a great way about him but not as polished. Keith Lemon, entertaining yes, presenter? Hardly. And like Simon Cowell said "these are the two you want to lose to." Quite right Mr Cowell.

And for those who moan, as long as the public keeps voting for them, they're going to keep on winning. And until someone gets close to their standard they may just go ahead and win the award all over again next year.