25/01/2017 09:43 GMT | Updated 26/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Wearing The Wrong School Uniform Can Ruin Your Education!

Who would have thought that wearing the wrong school uniform can actually ruin your education?

This isn't something I was aware of until I read this article about how an 11 year old boy was sent out of his lesson after a teacher spotted that the boy had reflective strips on the back of his footwear.

Apparently the reflective strips on the boys shoes interfere with his brain resulting in an inability to concentrate and learn. It also means that the boy is unable to function correctly.

Who knew?

Have you detected my sarcasm yet?

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After reading this article online, I realise that the boy in question possibly has some behavioural issues so this may have contributed toward him being asked to leave the classroom, but it does lead me onto thinking about how trivial school uniform policies are and actually about how petty some teachers are about enforcing this policy.

Now I understand the importance of a school uniform policy. I really do, but I think there has to be some flexibility with it too and more importantly some common sense on behalf of the teachers and school who help to enforce these policies.

School uniforms are important for many reasons. It means that every child dresses the same. Can you imagine if Elizabeth who lives in that big mansion on the hill rocked up to school in her latest designer gear and poor Frieda turned up in her Primark best? Kids can be cruel and it would inevitably lead to her being bullying for her choice of outfit. For this reason school uniforms are important.

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They're also important because it helps to identify the children who attend that school. Whether that be in school or when out on a school trip. It makes it a lot easier for teachers to see who is with them, and who isn't.

It's also said that a school uniform is a badge of pride. I'm not sure about that one, but of course we all want our children to roll up to school looking smart and presentable, and there's no question that a school uniform helps with this.

In some ways, I guess it may even help children when they go onto get jobs as they'll possibly need to wear a uniform for that as well.


Is it really necessary to send children home if they have reflective strips on their shoes, velcro instead of laces, skirts that aren't below the knee and trousers that aren't pressed down the middle?

Of course if a girl wears a skirt that's just plain indecent, then I'm all for sending them home, but a skirt that sits just above the knee? Personally I don't see the issue and I'm pretty sure that the length of her skirt won't affect her education. Maybe I'm wrong! Show me the research to prove me wrong!

Some the comments on this article say:

How about you just stick to the rules?

Respect the uniform rules!

The mother needs to go to school to be taught what rules are!

Dear me! Seriously people? With everything going on in the world? Who cares if his shoes have reflective strips on? Surely they'll be safer for when he walks home in the dark with his mum so he's more visible?

They look like shoes with velcro to me, but some say they're trainers. Who cares? They're black!

If he went to school sporting a punk rock hoody then I would agree with the teachers that he'd need to wear his school jumper, but this? It just takes the biscuit if you ask me!

What do you think?