05/01/2013 15:28 GMT | Updated 06/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Flirting With the Premier League

Despite my best efforts to write about golfing antics on and off the course in an engaging way, it seems that most of the males I know are completely uninterested. Forget the golf, they say, and write about football instead. Much more interesting and far more appealing, I am told.

"Pick a team, follow them for a season and you will get completely attached to the game. It's addictive. You will want to know every last detail about the Premier League", a friend assures me.

Looking back to a period I did working at Golf Monthly magazine, all I remember is the chat about Liverpool's latest standing. Golf, apparently, was not on the cards during our lunch breaks and I soon realised that football and cricket were higher priorities, even on a magazine dedicated to a very different game. Considering this and the fact that football tends to be the subject of choice at most social gatherings, I have decided to give it a go.

First, the team. Controversially, I have decided to go with Chelsea. Since I live minutes away from the club's training ground in Surrey and am used to bumping in to the likes of John Terry and Ashley Cole in the high street, I feel they are an appropriate team to follow. Thought was taken and I did consider the others: Man United, Man City, Tottenham, Arsenal etc., but Chelsea I felt just took the edge.

After a poor start this week where Chelsea lost 0-1 against QPR at Stamford Bridge, I hope things will improve today in their next match against Southampton. News just in also shows that Demba Ba will indeed be moving from Newcastle to join the London team for an undisclosed fee after Chelsea triggered a £7 million release clause in his magpies contract. The rumours turn out to be true.

As you can tell, its early days but I will do my best to stay afloat of any new developments in my team. Hopefully, this will score some points with the boys who appear exasperated with my golfing talk and who knows, maybe following Chelsea will prove to be just as addictive as golf. Though perhaps not quite.