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Tips to Help Prolong Your Natural Summer Glow for Longer

If you're looking to prolong and improve your natural suntan this year, or indeed next, then here are some sure fire tips to help you do just that.

For many of us, the weather outside is generally cold, grey, damp, windy, and all in all, pretty miserable and depressing. Thoughts of a warm summer holiday may be the last thing on your mind, but even so, no matter how far away it may be, just remember that the time will soon come around, and before you know it, you'll be sat lounging around the pool or on a hot sunny beach, a good book in one hand, and a cold refreshing cocktail in the other. For many of us, one of the great appeals of a warm summer holiday, is the golden healthy looking bronzed suntan that you attain. These tans help you look youthful, radiant, and above all else, fit and healthy. The only problem is that when it comes to prolonging, or indeed just picking up a tan at all, some of us tend to go about it in exactly the wrong way. If you're looking to prolong and improve your natural suntan this year, or indeed next, then here are some sure fire tips to help you do just that.

Remove Any Excess Hair BEFORE Your Holiday

If you're looking to really work on your tan, then one common mistake that women tend to make, is by shaving or waxing their legs or other parts, after they hit the sun loungers. When women wax or shave, this process actually removes surface skin cells, which not only damages their skin, but also actually dulls down their tan altogether, as new pale skin cells are then forced to regenerate. Another top tip is to ditch the wet razor for an electric one instead. Electric ones are far better suited for tanned skin, as they remove less skin cells.

Exfoliate Your Skin As Much As Possible Before Hand

Before you head off on your holiday, and out into the sunshine, ensure you exfoliate your skin as much as possible before hand. Exfoliating before, allows dead skin cells and dry skin to be removed, exposing fresh newly regenerated skin. This makes it much easier for the skin to develop a deep golden tan. Never exfoliate after tanning, as again, this removed skin cells which have developed the tan colour.

Never Burn!

Some people think that in order to get a deep golden looking tan, they need to burn their skin as they believe it will change from red to tan after a few days. This is not true at all as the skin goes from lobster red, to dry and white as it begins to peel, exposing pale new skin underneath. Not only that but you also run the risk of giving yourself skin cancer as a result. Instead, try to gradually work on your tan, little by little each day. Never use baby oil and always use a sun tan lotion that will protect your skin, whilst allowing it to tan at the same time. Don't try to develop it in a few hours. The longer it takes to develop, the longer it tends to last. If your burn, you will peel, and you can say goodbye to your healthy looking suntan.