23/07/2013 10:08 BST | Updated 22/09/2013 06:12 BST

Five Ways to Truly Embrace the British Heatwave

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So things are hotting up in the UK and as you all know we're not really used to that here. Hot hot heat in a country which is known for being covered in a year-round overcast blanket, is kind of blowing our minds right?! I mean we are loving it but you know us moany-Brit types, we just aren't used to this sort of thing on our home turf.

So maybe it's time to really embrace this heat treat once and for all, so here are my top tips for grabbing summer by the (beach) balls ;)

  • Find a space to relax in and get some fresh air, lord knows our non air-conditioned homes feel like the hottest places on earth right don't get like this lady moaning about the heat:

Instead find a beautiful spot and just relax. Surround yourself in local beauty and embrace the great outdoors. Parks, pagodas, botanical gardens, even your nearest pond will do.


  • Do not spend another minute indoors....even if you're a delicate flower like me and can't spend too much time out in the sun, make yourself a comfortable outdoor living space you love...and stay there!


Tipis and tents made out of sheets are my favourite but sometimes you have to just make the most of what outdoor space you have...even if it is a little bit rough around the edges. But in that case you just have to do your best to make it all kinds of fabulous! Just check out our ghetto-as BBQ balcony made into a girly hangout...


Add some cocktail umbrellas into the mix and you have got yourself a bonafied hipster hangout!

  • But like many of us city folks, we don't have a green space of our sometimes you need to make your own lil' green oasis. So check out amazing homeware store Tiger and get yourself some brightly-coloured goodies to spruce up your space. Add some flamingos, palm trees even fake grass to your window ledge and hey presto! Your city home has been transported to the tropics!

  • If you can't get to the beach you can still surround yourself in the great blue. Get underwater at your local aquarium, because there's something very cooling about the notion of being underwater, even if you aren't really. Swimming with sharks anyone?


  • Find a truly cool location like the freezer aisle in your local Sainsbury's, the cinema or if you want to take the cool vibe literally, then head to London's famous Ice Bar....I don't think you will get any cooler than that.

What have you been doing to stay chilly lately?

Love and ice-cubes Em xoxo