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10 Reasons Why Socialising With Colleagues Is Good For Your Health And Your Career

Don't slink off!

Beating a hasty retreat home at the end of the working day might seem like a good idea. You’re tired, you’ve got a date with your TV and, frankly, you may have had enough of work chit chat. But if you stick around and socialise with work mates, you’ll boost your mood and your career prospects and maybe even make some friends for life. Here’s why you’ll never regret taking time to hang out with work people. (OK, maybe that round of Jägerbombs was regrettable but...)

1. You’ll have people to smile at on the stairs at work and get to know people in other departments.

2. You get to hang out with the boss. S/he might even remember your banter and all round ‘one to watch’ impressiveness when it’s pay rise time.

3. You could even have a little ego-boosting flirtation. Or at least discover that Dave in IT is hilarious. Always useful.

4. Nothing beats a good after-work bitch session for team bonding. Go team!

5. You’ll be seen as a team player, not a solitary spoilsport.

6. You’ll discover your work colleagues have hidden talents you never knew. They could become your reassuring, funny besties if you make the time to get to know them.

7. Joining work clubs such as yoga classes or the football team is a win-win: getting fit and being first with company-wide goss.

8. All work and no play equals misery and potential burnout. Trust us.

9. However much they love you, your not-work-friends aren’t going to share your desperate need to dissect exactly why someone they’ve never met at your work is a total wally.

10. Nothing says TGI Friday more than going out for evening drinks and decompressing with work mates so you can relax at the weekend.