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You're not alone if you're dreading this inbox greeting right now.
Many people are working from beds, sofas, and kitchen tables. Welcome to the world of "not desking".
What if you shared what was really on your mind during job interviews?
Experts share the stressful problems that affected most of their patients in 2019, from social media to politics.
Early on in my career I LOVED travelling with work. I'd jump at every opportunity to go away in the name of a job. What's more I'd look enviously at the big-cheeses who seemed to be jetting-off here, there and everywhere on a weekly basis. What I didn't realise back then was that if any of those senior folks had kids at home then they were probably wrangling a myriad of emotions.
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In recent years, drastic changes have occurred in the workplace. Previously the aim of the employer was to restrain staff
Because even automated replies can make a statement...
Although at some point we've probably all fantasised about having enough money to retire and sip cocktails on a tropical beach for the rest of our days, the truth is that human-beings thrive on challenges and are happiest when pushing themselves to the limits.
And what of the endless spinning of messages and comments and demands? If we fidget with our every thought to kill time, are we destroying all those moments which really matter, passing the spinning to everyone around us like a fidgety, blurring virus?
I am terrible at asking for help. If one of the seven deadly sins gets us all in the end, I know already that mine will be pride. I will paint a smile on my face and struggle through every last ounce of my energy reserves before admitting defeat and asking for help. Even there, I have let slip what that means to me: help equals some sort of failure.