11 Weird And Wonderful Ways To Jazz Up Scrambled Eggs

Bored of your bog-standard scrambled eggs? Try these tips for a new take on breakfast.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast are delicious and all, but at some point they get a bit... same-y. In a bid to change up our mornings, we asked chefs one question: how would you jazz up your scrambled eggs?

Their answers are weird, wonderful, and mouth-watering. Ever tried scrambled eggs with a bit of coffee syrup? Or spiced with sriracha?

Us neither, but perhaps now’s the time to do it.

How to cook scrambled eggs, according to a chef

Grill chef Oisin Rogers recommends the below for silky and smooth eggs.

1. Crack your eggs into a measuring jug. Season really, really well and whip with a fork.

2. Melt 100g butter per person slowly on lowest heat in the pan.

3. Add the eggs and cook super slowly moving the egg mixture away from the sides towards the centre of the pan with the fork. If it’s cooking quickly at all, take it off the heat. It’s worth doing it dead slow.

4. When the egg is almost congealed, add another 80g of butter and mix it in with the fork.

5. Continue to stir until it’s silky and beautiful.

1. Eggs topped on lasagne

Chef Oisin Rogers tells HuffPost UK: “You know when you make a lasagne there’s always some left over in the fridge and it’s hard like a brick? Here’s what to do.

“Chop it up into small dice and put into a heavy buttered pan on a medium heat. Stir with a wooden spoon so it doesn’t catch. When it’s heated through, add in some hot sauce (I like Reggae Reggae for this). Serve it up on a big plate with the scrambled eggs over the top, garnished with a little smoked paprika. Trust me.”

2. Eggs with feta and tomatoes

Charlie Menegatos, owner of London restaurant chain Going Greek, says: “I’m half Greek which means I’ve spent most of my summers in Greece, enjoying a Greek twist on the traditional scrambled egg recipe throughout my childhood.

“The yummy twist is called strapatsada – it sounds odd but in this recipe we add feta cheese and fresh tomatoes [to the eggs]. The salty feta gives an amazing contrast when paired with the sweet tomato. It really is delicious!”

3. Spiced eggs with kimchi

Will Devlin, chef and owner of the The Small Holding, Kent and The Curlew, Sussex, says one of his favourite ways to have scrambled eggs is with kimchi. “The spicy, slightly funky cabbage is so good with the creamy egg,” he says. “We make our own kimchi with cabbage, carrots and radishes grown on the farm.” Fancy it? Find out how to make quick kimchi here.

4. Mexican chipotle scrambled eggs

Chef James Gilhooley, of Cornerstone Kitchen, suggests a Mexican spin on scrambled eggs. Heat a frying pan and rub it with a little oil. Fry off a tortilla, then bake in the oven for 2-3 minutes until its golden brown.

Next, make chipotle sauce. Blitz together: a can of chipotles in adobo sauce, ½ cup sour cream; ¼ cup mayonnaise; 3 tablespoons chopped coriander; 1 teaspoon cayenne powder; 1 teaspoon garlic powder; and ½ teaspoon cumin powder. Make your scrambled eggs and serve them in your crispy tortilla, topped with your chipotle sauce.

Sprinkle over some Queso Fresco cheese and chopped coriander, too.

5. Eggs full of leftovers

Devlin says another great way with eggs is to make Spanish-style revueltos, which are simply softly scrambled eggs with other ingredients added. “It’s a great way to use any leftovers such as cooked potatoes and greens or a few pieces of roast meat or salami,” he says.

6. Spicy bacon eggs

Michael Bateman, breakfast chef from Crowcombe Court, says scrambled eggs with bacon sriracha hot sauce over the top gives it a “little bit more flavour and is a quick and easy way to ‘jazz’ up your morning eggs.”

7. Homemade hash brown topped with eggs

Stevie McLaughlin, head chef at Restaurant Andrew Fairlie and Albert Bartlett Ambassador chef, said he likes to serve his eggs up with hash browns. “Take two large unpeeled potatoes (I use Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes) and grate them with an old school box grater. Grate half a peeled white onion and mix with the potato, tip into a clean tea towel and squeeze out excess water, then tip into a mixing bowl. Generously season with flaky sea salt and black pepper.

“To turn this from a brunch dish into a more substantial supper, add two heaped tablespoons of frozen petit pois and crispy bacon shards – four rashers of crispy back bacon snipped into bite sized pieces. Form into patties. Fry until golden brown in hot clarified melted butter. Top with your egg and enjoy!”

8. A little bit of truffle with eggs

“Something a bit more fun when you are doing your scrambled eggs is to put butter into the pan let it melt, a tiny bit of cream, break your eggs in, then mix them in the pan just to make them nice light and fluffy,” says chef Bateman.

“Once you have cooked them take some Wiltshire truffle and shave it over the top. You can go as mad as you like with that. And then I would probably pair that with sparkling wine, a nice Champagne or some Sauvignon Blanc!”

9. Eggs with coffee in a brioche bun

This is a weird one, isn’t it? Chef Faisal al Deleigan suggests adding a small amount of coffee essence to your eggs. “In a bowl, add two eggs, red chilli powder (1/8 tsp), as well as a pinch of black pepper, salt, turmeric powder, saffron flower, and sumac. Mix well.

“Place a frying pan on low heat and add butter. Add the egg mix and scramble well. Remove from heat and set aside. Butter a brioche bun and toast, then spread the scrambled egg on the toasted brioche bun,” says al Deleigan.

Chef Faisal
Chef Faisal

10. Simple eggs with saffron

Al Deleigan says scrambled eggs and saffron is a simple, yet delicious idea. In a bowl, mix together 40g cooking cream and a pinch of red chilli powder, black pepper, salt, turmeric powder, saffron flower and sumac. “Add the egg mix and scramble well. Remove from heat and set aside. Butter two slices of multigrain bread and toast. Spread the scrambled egg on one slice, garnish with sumac, and cover with the other slice of bread.”


11. Eggs with potatoes and onions

Chris McClurg, head chef of No.6 Padstow, Paul Ainsworth’s Michelin-starred restaurant in Cornwall, scrambles his eggs with potatoes and spring onions.

“This wicked little recipe was handed down to me from Paul Ainsworth from his time working at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay,” he says. “He recalled fondly his memories of staff breakfast when it was the turn of the then pastry chef. She would make her famous scrambled eggs which were silky smooth, rich and beautifully seasoned.

“What set hers apart though was that she would simultaneously make a pan of parmentier potatoes (potatoes cut into a rough small cubes, then roasted in foaming butter, garlic and thyme). When the eggs were ready, she would fold the potatoes through the eggs and finish with finely chopped fresh spring onion. Glorious!”