100 Layers Of Face Mask Looks Ridiculously Painful To Remove

Because after 100 layers of foundation your skin needs some tlc.

Swedish YouTuber Josefin Lillakas, aka Jeely, rose to internet superstardom after making a video of her applying 100 layers of foundation.

But not everyone was a fan of her hilarious vlog.

After being repeatedly told that she was “asking for pimples”, ruining her pores and due for some some “really bad breakouts”, Jeely decided to rectify the issue.


But not giving one single toss what anyone thinks of her weird and wonderful videos, she used all the negative comments to come up with an even crazier concept.

Applying 100 layers of face mask.

Using her hairdryer trick from her video, to dry each layer before applying a new one, she actually managed to fit an entire tube of peeling pore mask on her face.

And it was all fun and games. Until she tried to take it off.


Because, ouch.

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