19/07/2016 09:29 BST

100 Coats Of Liquid Lipstick: See The Latest Beauty Vlogging Trend

It's so gross but we can't look away.

We’ve had 100 layers of foundation, 100 coats of nail polish, and now -100 layers of liquid lipstick.

For the #LipstickMountain challenge, 100 coats of different liquid lipsticks are applied over the course of a few hours, with the help of a hairdryer to set each layer.

Countless beauty vloggers are jumping on the bandwagon, creating weird and wonderful videos we just can’t stop watching.

YouTube star Tasha Leelyn was one of the first to take on the challenge in her video above.

“I’m so sorry this turned out to be so gross. LOL,” she wrote to fans.

YouTube/Tasha Leelyn

Think it looks gross? Just wait ‘till you see her try and peel the layers off with a makeup spatula.

YouTube/Tasha Leelyn

If you’re as mesmerised as us, scroll down to see more of our favourite ‘100 layers of lipstick’ videos.

Lily Melrose

“Sorry it’s so gross. Can we all have a moment of silence for my lips.”

Mayra Isabel

“I’m a little scared about how my lips are going to react to it.” [Luckily, they were fine and “didn’t even feel dry” afterwards.]

Jade Madden


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