11 Things Everyone Learns When They Are Single

Cats are better than humans.

For many people being single is just the desolate wasteland of time between one long-term partner and the next, spent constantly on the hunt for your soulmate (or just someone to bring you tea when you’re hungover).

But now a new study has revealed that more people than ever are single, and not only that, but 25% will be choosing to stay out of relationships and unmarried well into their fifties.

Although this might sound like a plot from your mum’s worst nightmare, there’s no reason to despair.

Being single has some valuable life lessons to teach you, here are 11 of them.

1. Watching Netflix without getting distracted half-way through is actually humanly possible.

2. Doing DIY is totally within your capability, if you just try a little bit.

3. Keeping friendships strong is the smartest move anyone can make.

4. Syncing diaries with another person was completely holding back your social life.

5. Kissing strangers from the internet is more fun than you’d imagine.

6. Flirting is an art form that should be compulsory at school.

7. Sharing a bed is overrated, you’re not about that no-duvet life.

8. Thinking that your ex was the ‘messy one’ in your relationship was shortsighted.

9. Watching couples argue in public is the best spectator sport.

10. Pizza is a good replacement for human company.

11. Being single is always a better option than being in an unhappy relationship.