12 Things That Will Definitely Happen When You Go Home For Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year (more or less).

Part of the beauty of Christmas is tradition - you eat the same food every year, see the same people and sing the same songs.

Here are 12 things that will definitely happen when you go home for Christmas this year:

1. Your mum will get emotional over photos of you from your reception class nativity play.

<strong>Aww. </strong>
Andrew Holt via Getty Images

2. Your uncle will get drunk on sherry and say something vaguely racist.

3. You will meet up with your school friends who will all humble brag about how great their new friends/course/flat at university are.

<strong>They sound great...</strong>
They sound great...
PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson via Getty Images

4. You will eat until you think you will never be hungry again. And then you will eat some more.

5. You will argue with someone in your family about Brexit.

6. You will go for a night out in your local club and realise it’s not nearly as amazing as you thought it was when you first turned 18.

7. You will appreciate the central heating in a way you never did before you moved into a freezing student house.

So warm. So cosy.
So warm. So cosy.
David OHare

8. You will see your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend in your local and desperately try to avoid them.

9. A ‘harmless’ family board game will end in disaster...

10. You will start to miss your uni friends.

<strong>It's only been a week. </strong>
It's only been a week.
Flashpop via Getty Images

11. You will be forced to wear a cringe-worthy Christmas jumper.

12. You will get massively jealous over your younger siblings’ amazing toys.

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