14-Year-Old Brilliantly Explains Gender Stereotypes In Financial Times Letter


A teenager has schooled journalists at one of the world's most respected newspapers on the seriously outdated use of gender stereotypes.

Anna Schleiter Nielson, from Oxford, penned the missive to the Financial Times after spotting a report which said "Millennial mums" were driving demand of organic baby products.

The 14-year-old astutely pointed out that it's not just mums who are interested in baby products - but fathers too.

She wrote: "Sir, Your front-page report on April 20 is headlined 'Millenial mums going gaga for organics spark J&J rethink'.

"Surely it is not only mums who are concerned about babycare products, but also fathers, who might be offended that they are not mentioned.

"It is 2016 and parenting is generally regarded as a shared responsibility.

"It is disappointing that you are reinforcing the stereotype that is is a woman's job to look after the children."

She quipped: "Could I suggest that you bring your editorial policy up to date?"


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