18 Tweets Showing England's Pride After World Cup Loss


Football might not be coming home this year, but the England squad did our country proud. If you’re feeling a little deflated by our 2-1 defeat to Croatia, grab some tissues and catch up on some of the most touching tweets sent following last night’s game.

Remember: there are plenty of reasons to smile again.

The purest 7-year-old speaks the truth.

‘You did us proud England’ spotted at the station.

Gareth melting icy hearts.

And inspiring a generation of huggers.

Drunken messages of a united nation.

There’s no anger here, only hope.

Even non-football fans felt a part of something...

And the lads rekindled something in those who had lost faith.

Prince William’s tribute was a nice touch.

As was this nod to the boss of the year.

England fans sung their hearts out even in defeat.

Fans in Russia roared ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ after the game.

The night was a reminder that winning doesn’t always mean coming first...

And an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve actually come.

As a nation, we believed right until the end.

With everything that’s going on in politics, the team united us.

Now it’s time to look to the future...

‘How I look at it, football has come home.’