The 10 Funniest Fashion Moments Of 2016

Crystal-studded Crocs are never going to happen.

With 2016 coming to an end, what better time to have a look back at the best style moments of the year.

And by best, we mean funniest, because - seriously, guys - it’s been a long year.

From Kim Kardashian’s most outrageous outfit choice, to the most memorable Fashion Week catwalks and ad campaigns, prepare to take a trip down memory lane.


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4. When Cosmopolitan magazine thought these dresses looked like vaginas.


5. When Christopher Kane tried to make crystal-studded Crocs happen (they’re never going to happen).

6. When Tom Hiddleston was upstaged by dogs in his Gucci campaign.


7. When people thought Justin Bieber looked like a piece of chicken.

8. When these ‘job interview’ pants were invented.


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British Fashion Awards 2016

British Fashion Awards 2016

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