5 Successful Tournaments South Africa Has Hosted🏆 🇿🇦

Cricket, rugby, football... South Africa has hosted them all, and delivered great tournaments!
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South Africa is no stranger to prestigious sports events. The country has had the unique opportunity of hosting a world cup in three different sporting codes. So the news that the International Rugby Board has recommended South Africa to host the 2023 IRB Rugby World Cup is a further testament to our desirability as a world-class host.

The country's credentials are impeccable when it comes to international sporting events –– here are 5 successful tournaments South Africa has hosted.

5. ICC World T20 -- 2007

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South Africa had the honour of hosting the inaugural ICC World T20 tournament. We welcomed 12 teams to compete in the 20-overs format in 2007. India ended up being crowned the tournament champions after beating Pakistan in the final.

Winners: India🇮🇳

4. African Cup Of Nations -- 1996

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South Africa hosted African football's biggest tournament when the African Cup Of Nations came here in 1996.

Not only was it a successful tournament, considering that South Africa had been banned from international soccer under apartheid, but the host nation went on to win the 1996 AFCON title, which is Bafana Bafana's solitary international title to date. They beat Tunisia 2-0 in the final.

Winners: South Africa🇿🇦

Halala Bafana...

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3. Cricket World Cup -- 2003

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The 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup was jointly hosted by three nations: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. The majority of the games were hosted in South Africa, and the matches were attended by 626,845 fans in total.The final was held in South Africa, and Australia proved once again what a great cricketing nation they are.

Winners: Australia🇦🇺

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2. FIFA World Cup -- 2010

South Africa became the first African country to host the FIFA World Cup in 2010, when the whole world came to the motherland. The competition brought the country together, and patriotism and pride were beaming out of every face.

South Africa managed to get eliminated in the first round, however. But the country did manage to get a 7.5/10 rating from FIFA's then-president Sepp Blatter, however... before all sorts of bribery scandals hit his organisation, and we stopped caring.

Winners: Spain🇪🇸

Spain's winning goalscorer Andres Iniesta (6) celebrates victory as he lifts the world cup trophy
Spain's winning goalscorer Andres Iniesta (6) celebrates victory as he lifts the world cup trophy

1. IRB Rugby World Cup -- 1995

Perhaps South Africa's biggest sporting achievement, after being banned from international sport for decades and with the memory of apartheid still fresh in the minds of all citizens, the 1995 Rugby World Cup may nevertheless have come to us too early. The explosive growth of the "Rainbow Nation" myth papered over cracks that needed instead to be excavated, investigated and repaired, before we could move forward properly.

However, it was the biggest thing to happen to the country, and it resulted in even more euphoria when the Springboks did the unthinkable and beat New Zealand, uniting South Africans behind "amabokoboko". The legacy and impact that will be remembered most from the the 1995 World Cup, is the way Nelson Mandela believed in the team and their power to unite a divided nation.

Winners: South Africa🇿🇦

South Africa is an attractive option for fans and visitors, and each host city will be showcasing the best they have to offer, from beaches to safaris, in 2023. We definitely think South Africa is more than ready to host another Rugby World Cup.


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