6 Places People Wish You Wouldn't Take Your Children

Sex shops: not cool.

There are times when you can’t find a babysitter, or perhaps you think any place for you is good enough for your kid.

But this Reddit thread proves that some places are just no-go’s for a day out. May we suggest the soft play area next time?

1. A Brewery

“There’s a roped off kid prison in the corner of the brewery by our apartment and every time I see it I’m like: 1) why don’t you get a sitter because your kid doesn’t want to play with toys in a brewery 2) you’re not even paying attention because you’re getting trashed on cheap beer and 3) I hope you aren’t driving home.”

2. Tattoo Shop

“Tattoo shops. Do you really think your toddler is going to keep still for 3 hours while you get a butterfly on your back?! I work at one and this happens WAY more than it should.”

3. Sex Shop

“I had to throw a guy out who brought a child in. I had to explain to him the sign on the door ‘No one under the age of 18 allowed’ was not just some annoying rule, it was the LAW. And this thick-headed a**hole just didn’t get it. ‘It’s okay, I okaying for her to be here’. It is not up to you, you moron. IT’S A SEX SHOP.”

Diverse Images/UIG via Getty Images

4. Expensive Restaurants

“ Expensive restaurants. I’m generally very forgiving when it comes to kids acting up in restaurants, at least if the parents give some indication that they care. For some people, including myself, a £100-per-person meal is a once-in-a-blue-moon experience saved for very special occasions. I don’t want your kids to ruin that experience, and I’m saying that as a father.”

5. Adult Comedy Club

“Comedy clubs. Some comedians have very dirty material and expect there to be adults in the room. Nothing stops a dirty comedian in their tracks more than seeing a 6 year old laughing at sex/drug jokes.”

6. Prison

“Dont bring children to visit prisoners (including sex offenders). I don’t care how much the kids miss dad. Exposing them to the worst of humanity and seeing me handcuff your dad is not ok.”