7 Funny Tweets That'll Get Your Weekend Off To A Joyful Start

From a ticklish turtle to impossible American recipe instructions, these are the things that made us smile this week.
CurvaBezier via Getty Images

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This week has been characterised by anger for many people – but thankfully, the weekend is here, and it’s time to give yourself a break for five minutes.

Put politics aside and have a good, old laugh with our weekly roundup of funny and feel-good tweets.

Here are the snippets that have brought us joy in the past seven days.

1. The turtle who loves a tickle

Extra points for the His Dark Materials reference.

2. The pain of decoding American recipes

Hard relate. We’ve spent more time decoding online recipes through Google in lockdown than we have actually making them.

3. A Teletubbies X-ray with a happy ending

Ever wondered what the Teletubbies looks like when x-rayed? Wonder no more.

4. A PR stunt we can get on board with

BrewDog, take a bow. Hazy Durham IPA, we’re coming for you.

5. The crazy town-mansion hybrid

We have so many questions. For starters, when can we visit?

6. The Canterbury tail

Now you see him, now you don’t. Well, apart from his tail.

7. Dogs just wanna have fun

And by fun, we mean play with frisbees while you’re trying to cut the lawn.