04/10/2017 15:49 BST | Updated 05/12/2017 17:54 GMT

7 Make-Ahead Breakfasts To Fuel Your Day


Breakfast is vital. Firing up your metabolism, setting you up for a spin class and leaving you ready to face a challenging day are all benefits of the meal.

Yet, it’s something that often slips through the fingers of busy people. 

Given that a 2012 University of Missouri study shows that a high protein breakfast reduces your chances of overeating later in the day, while a 2014 study from the University of Missouri-Columbia indicates that women who consume a high protein breakfast maintain better glucose and insulin control than those who don’t, this is a big deal.


We’re not about to tell you to wake up at 5.30am to boil eggs. But using your evenings and weekends to prepare could be the way to overhaul your weekday mornings.

Try these now, thank us later. 

Passion fruit and papaya overnight oats

Possibly the original make-ahead breakfast, the internet’s gone wild for this Swiss-inspired Bircher muesli riff. 

It’s healthy, filling, delicious, and takes no time at all in the morning. You can
experiment with whatever flavour variation you like, but mixing your oats (we went for a combination of jumbo and porridge oats, for texture) with an Arla Protein passion fruit and papaya yoghurt and a splash of milk before leaving in the fridge overnight gives your breakfast an extra punch.

Come morning, give it a quick stir and add nuts and fruit.


Granola bars

Every busy person’s best friend, putting a bit of effort in at the weekend and making your own granola bars for the week ahead not only saves money, but also allows you to keep an eye on what you’re actually eating.

Take this five ingredient recipe from theminimalistbaker.com as a starting point. Build on the basic recipe of dates, oats, nuts, honey and nut butter, adding dried fruits or chocolate chips if you fancy. Just grab one in the morning and have on the way to work.

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Protein smoothie jar 

To make morning smoothies even easier, you can cut up and bag your combinations in advance – we like spinach, kiwi, banana, oats, a handful of almonds, milk or yoghurt and flax seeds, with some chopped mint for freshness.

Make a bunch, store them in labeled freezer bags and whizz up with a handful of ice in the morning.

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Protein-packed egg cups 

Baked egg cups are perfect for people who need something savoury in the mornings, without the faff of actually having to boil an egg.

When you’ve got a bit of spare time, fill a muffin tray with a combination of veg, spinach, chopped and cooked onions, peppers, or mushrooms, then beat five eggs, season and pour into the muffin cups until the liquid almost reaches the top.

Bake at 180 for 20 minutes until set, then store in the fridge for up to four days. 


Healthier granola

In a medium-high oven, bake a mix of coconut oil-drizzled pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, coconut chunks and oats on a baking tray, lined with baking paper.

Take your granola into work in a big Tupperware on Monday morning, then all you have to do is pile it on top of a yoghurt pot for a quick breakfast every day of the week.


Protein pancakes

These are a pancake-lover’s dream. Blend one ripe banana with an egg and some cinnamon to taste, then cook in a frying pan with a little coconut oil, flipping halfway through cooking.

Finish with seasonal fruit and a spoon of high-protein yoghurt.

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Chia pudding

Chia pudding operates on a similar principle to overnight oats. Soaked in milk, these magic little seeds expand, turning into a creamy pudding. Add a squeeze of honey and toppings in the morning. We’re fans of kiwi, berries and cashews.

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