7 Road-Trip Essentials This Easter You May Never Have Thought Of

Jumper cables anyone?
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Many people love a good road trip, but being underprepared can make it turn bad very quickly. This is why you need certain essentials – other than friends and good music – to ensure peace of mind during the trip.

Online shopping and price-comparison website Pricecheck says the following items should be on every road tripper's shopping list before this Easter weekend.

1. Medical aid kit

Be sure to have a fully stocked first-aid kit packed in — you just never know when someone may need a wound wrapped or something for a burn. This is especially important if you're travelling in the sticks, where access to medical care may be scarce or far off.

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2. Jumper cables

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery is a nightmare no one needs to go through – and something as simple as leaving your lights on can affect your battery life. So having jumper cables can save you – anyone who stops to help can simply hook their car up to yours, and you're good to go.

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3. Car charger

Speaking of dead batteries, be sure that you have a power bank or a car charger of sorts. There is nothing worse than being on a road trip with a dead phone. You can't make a call, send an emergency text, navigate, take photos or be on social media.


4. Printed maps

For easy navigation, you have to have the latest version of Google Maps on your phone. But in case your phone dies, maybe invest in a good old-fashioned map book – or at least print out a detailed map of your route.

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5. Emergency contact list, written down

This is going to sound like an unnecessary one, but road accident statistics in South Africa are scary, especially during peak traffic holidays like Easter. To be prepared for all situations, keep emergency numbers and the numbers of family members written down in a book, written down on a page in your wallet... wherever; just in case.

This also comes in handy if your phone is dead and you're stuck in a small town and you need to reach someone urgently — at least you will have easy access to the numbers that you need.


6. Road-trip games

As fun as road trips are, the long ones canbecome a bit boring — and there's really only so much you can do on your phone until it needs recharging. So pack some fun road-trip games for everyone to enjoy along the way, especially if you're travelling with little ones.

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7. Comfortable travel pillow and blanket

This one is for whoever is riding shotgun or in the back. Travel naps are the best. Maximise your rest with a comfortable travel pillow and blanket. It's the best way to get quality sleep on the road.

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