9 Cheap And Easy Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer

They can all be done for less than a tenner.
Nikola Stojadinovic via Getty Images

The summer holidays are upon us again – and with it, the worries about how to juggle childcare, as well as thinking up copious ways to keep wee ones entertained for six long weeks.

And if you think you’re alone in your worries, you’re not. In the last 30 days, Google searches for ‘summer activities for kids’ have unsurprisingly increased by 150%.

But fear not, as our handy list below includes lots of boredom-busting yet cheap and easy ways to have fun and get outside together this summer.

1. Create your own waterpark

On a sizzling hot day (which we’re due more of this month), there’s no better way to cool down than with your own DIY waterpark.

Fill a paddling pool, create a slip and slide, and let the kids (and adults) loose with some super soakers and water balloons.

2. Build a fort

Grab some chairs and blankets and pillows to make the best fort ever. Perfect for hiding in on rainy days. You can even buy fort-building kits if you’re not feeling that creative. And once you’ve created your blanket-adorned palace, why not turn it into a secret cinema complete with popcorn and crisps? Lovely!

3. Make a sensory garden

Get an old paddling pool or big bowl (outside, of course, unless you fancy picking glitter out of the carpet for the next six months), grab some plastic cups and utensils and let your little ones enjoy playing with glitter, slime, beads, shaving foam and play dough. Fun for hours.

4. Set up a treasure hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way for kids to explore your garden, while learning new things. Make a list of colours, insects or flowers and plants, arm them with a magnifying glass and see what they can find.

5. Host your own sports day

A garden sports day is perfect for letting the kids blow off steam, while enjoying some healthy competition. Whether it’s bean bag throwing, egg and spoon races, pillowcase jumping or a homemade obstacle course, it’s a fail-safe activity to keep kids entertained.

6. Make your own jewellery

Set up a table with elastic and a rainbow of different sizes and colours of beads and go to town on making colourful bracelets and necklaces.

7. Set up camp in your garden

Turning your garden into a campsite is a fun and easy way to experience the great outdoors. Fill a tent with sleeping bags, cushions and cosy blankets and spend the night chatting under the stars. Don’t forget those all-important toasted marshmallows, too.

8. Create a time capsule

Fill an old biscuit tin or plastic tub (with a lid, of course) with mementoes that sum up this period of time. We’re talking photos, toys, newspaper clippings, a letter, art, coins — whatever takes your fancy! Then dig a hole in the garden and bury it.

9. DIY spa day

Take the stress out of the summer hols with a pamper day fit for royalty. Get some face masks, nail polishes, and creams and give yourselves a manicure, pedicure and facial. All best to enjoy alongside your favourite movies, of course.