9 Things Vegetarians Want You To Know About Ditching Meat From Your Diet

It's tough at the start – but it gets easier. 🥦🌽🍅

With a growing number or people going vegan and veggie in the UK, we asked people on Twitter who’ve made the switch what people should know about ditching meat.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. People have managed it just fine for years

2. It could make you more imaginative with food

3. There are loads of meat substitutes you can enjoy

4. Veggies can still have a balanced diet

5. You’ll feel great knowing you’ve saved some animals

6. It’s not just meat you’ll need to give up to be veggie

7. It doesn’t have to be expensive

8. You’ll have the support of longtime veggies and vegans

9. And if you’re finding it tough at the start don’t worry, it gets easier