Aaron Paul Explains His Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum Advert On 'Conan'

'Breaking Bad' was a big step up from Juicy Fruit ads.

It's no secret that starring as Jesse Pinkman in 'Breaking Bad' was pretty huge step for Aaron Paul, who'd never played such an upfront role before - but it turns out he was raking in the royalties from a weird chewing gum advert for a few years before landing the job on the hit series.

In addition to starring in ads for cereal, spot cream, pizza and soft drinks, Aaron managed to pay all his bills for two years thanks to his part in a Juicy Fruit commercial.

The young and fresh-faced actor played a Uri Geller-type character, attempting to use telekinesis to move a spoon - but all that changes when he notices the delicious, juicy chewing gum in his co-star's pocket.

His urge for a sweet fix prompts him to use his mental powers to rip the man's shirt off just to get the gum, but Aaron ends up without his trousers by the end.

It was all very surreal. Watch the video above to see the 'Breaking Bad' star explain the advert on 'Conan'.