ABBA's Agnetha Fältskog Remains Tight-Lipped When Asked About Potential Eurovision Plans

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of ABBA's Eurovision victory – with the contest also returning to Sweden in 2024.
Agnetha Fältskog at the launch of ABBA Voyage in 2022
Agnetha Fältskog at the launch of ABBA Voyage in 2022
Nicky J Sims via Getty Images

ABBA star Agnetha Fältskog had a cryptic response when put on the spot about whether the band had anything up their collective sleeves for next year’s very special Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2024, the chart-topping band will celebrate 50 years since their victory with Waterloo, with next year’s contest returning to Sweden following Loreen’s win back in May.

Because of the milestone, and the fact Eurovision will be back on ABBA’s home turf next year, fans have already begun speculating about whether the four-piece could be putting a surprise appearance together for the live broadcast.

During a rare interview on the Radio 2 breakfast show on Thursday to promote her new single Where Do We Go From Here, Zoë Ball asked Agnetha: “It’s written in the stars… any plans to do anything [at Eurovision], do you think?”

Remaining tight-lipped, the Swedish star responded simply: “You never know anything [with] ABBA! So… well, I don’t say anything about that. I’d rather be quiet.”

“Beautifully handled,” Zoë responded.

Agnetha with her bandmates in 2022
Agnetha with her bandmates in 2022
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Earlier in the show, the presenter played her guest a clip from bandmate Frida Lyngstad’s recent interview on the same show, in which the singer said she and Agnetha were like “sisters”.

“My dear friend,” Agnetha replied. “We’ve been through a lot in our lives and the time with ABBA was 10, 12 years that we travelled together, we did everything together.

“I would like to take the opportunity to send my greetings to the other three, and I want to thank all [our] wonderful fans who have been with us during all the years, for all the fantastic people who have told us the impact our music has had on their lives, both in sorrow and happiness. It really warms my heart.”

Benny Andersson previously shot down the idea of an ABBA performance at Eurovision, stating simply: “I don’t want to. And if I don’t want to, the others won’t. It’s the same for all four of us – [if] someone says, ‘no’, it’s a no.”

Björn Ulvaeus then added: “We can celebrate 50 years of Abba without us being on stage.”

ABBA performing in New York in 1979
ABBA performing in New York in 1979
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After a 40-year absence from the music industry, ABBA released two newly-recorded original songs in 2021, the ballad I Still Have Faith In You and the total bop Don’t Shut Me Down, which preceded the release of their chart-topping album Voyage.

The release preceded ABBA’s concert experience, also named Voyage, in London, which sees digital versions of the group performing their hits at a purpose-built venue each night.

Take a listen to Agnetha’s comeback single Where Do We Go From Here below:


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