‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Film Premiere: Jennifer Saunders And Joanna Lumley Lead The Way On The Red Carpet

A bolly coloured carpet? Well, of course!

The ‘Absolutely Fabulously’ cast were out in force on Wednesday night, for the premiere of the long-awaited film.

Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and their co-stars and crew have been busy working on the big screen version of the hit comedy for quite some time, and now, fans are finally set to get a glimpse at it.

<strong>You can never have too many sparkles, can you? </strong>
You can never have too many sparkles, can you?
Joel Ryan/AP

Ahead of its cinema debut though, was the small matter of the premiere, which saw London’s Leicester Square adorned with a champagne-coloured carpet - because red simply won’t do for Patsy and Edi, dahling - ahead of the many (many) celebrity arrivals.

<strong>Jane Horrocks has reprised her role as Bubble</strong>
Jane Horrocks has reprised her role as Bubble
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Jennifer and Joanna led the way, and were soon followed by cast members including Julia Sawalha, who plays the long-suffering Saffy, and a number of the A-listers who make a cameo appearance in the movie.

See all of the pictures from the premiere below…

'Absolutely Fabulous' Film Premiere