Addicted To Twitter? This Bot Will Remind You To Take Better Care Of Yourself

Small, actionable reminders, courtesy of @tinycarebot.

If you’ve been obsessively scrolling through your Twitter feed over the past week, you’re at least in good company.

Jonny Sun, a writer and bonafide Twitter star, admits he’s been on the platform an “unhealthy amount” since the US election.

“I think there’s a sort of general anxiety right now that is causing people to just want to see how the world is responding to everything that’s going on,” Sun says. “It’s a mix of hoping for good news but also the feeling of watching a car crash in slow motion, from all angles.”

Sun is hoping his new Twitter bot, @tinycarebot, will remind him and others to take better care of themselves while using social media.

The bot tweets hourly, actionable reminders to stretch, drink water, rest your eyes, respond to friends and breathe, and it responds to tweets with personalised messages.

“They are small reminders on purpose ― my hope was that if I was able to get myself to accept these tiny steps, then hopefully they would grow into greater self-care awareness and practices,” Sun says. “Once I made it, I thought other people might find it helpful so I made it public!”

Sun only launched the account at the weekend, but it’s already clocked more than 30,000 followers.

As the account grows, Sun is now looking to expand its set of small, actionable tips and he’s open to suggestion. Ping him a tweet if you’ve got an idea.


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