Adele And Jennifer Lawrence Casually Rocked Up At A New York Gay Club And Left Everyone Shook

Adele + a gay club + drag queens = actual heaven.

If, like us, you’ve ever dreamed of having a night out with Adele, then prepare to be very jealous.

New Yorkers who were partying at a gay club on Friday night got just that after the singer rocked up for a night of fun.

And if that wasn’t enough, she was joined by her A-list BFF Jennifer Lawrence.

Clubbers were shook when the pair arrived at Pieces in Greenwich Village, but rather than scurry off to a darkened corner with security surrounding them, they became the entertainment for the evening.

Adele and J-Law got up to stage to take part in a game hosted by the club’s drag acts, causing a frenzy in the crowd who Adele introduced herself to as “a stay at home mum”.

Needless to say, those at the club wasted to time in posting pictures and videos all over social media to prove to their mates they were on the best night out of all time.

Certainly beats our Friday night.

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