25/09/2017 12:38 BST | Updated 29/09/2017 13:45 BST

AfD Policies That Will Alarm You - From Its Hostility To Islam To Why It Thinks Equal Pay Is 'Propaganda'

We took a deeper look at the party's manifesto.

The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party won around 90 seats in Germany’s Bundestag, with 12.6 percent of the vote in Sunday’s poll, the first far right group to enter the national parliament since 1945

It was a remarkable rise for a party that was founded just four years ago.

Some of its policies echo other more mainstream eurosceptic parties in other countries: an end to the Euro, fewer immigrants and a stronger military.

TOBIAS SCHWARZ via Getty Images
AfD officials at a press conference on Monday, after it won seats in the Bundestag.(L-R) Co-leader Joerg Meuthen, top candidate Alexander Gauland, top candidate Alice Weidel and co-leader Frauke Petry.Petry later said she wouldn't join the AfD's party's parliamentary group and walked out of the press conference, amid a bitter dispute with more hardline colleagues.

But the party’s rhetoric is further right than many other eurosceptic parties.

We took a deeper look at the party’s 76-page manifesto.

Here are five parts that show what the AfD’s hardline views look like when presented as policies.

  • 1 Multi-Culturalism And Islam 'Endanger' Germany
    Multi-Culturalism And Islam 'Endanger' Germany
    JOHN MACDOUGALL via Getty Images
    The manifesto includes a broad condemnation of multi-culturalism, saying it threatens Germany's values that centre on "Christianity, antiquity, humanism
    and the Enlightenment".
    It warns the "currently ongoing culture war between West and Islam' can only be averted by "a bunch of restrictive and defensive measures". It does not say what they are.
  • 2 'A Country For Our Descendants That Is Still Recognisable As Our Germany'
    'A Country For Our Descendants That Is Still Recognisable As Our Germany'
    Sean Gallup via Getty Images
    "The aim of the AfD is self-preservation, not self-destruction
    our state and people."
    This is the summary of a long rant in the manifesto about how Europe's population is ageing and shrinking, while Africa's and the Middle East is growing and is bound to overrun Europe.
    "In Africa, every women has 4.5 children on average. At the same time, child mortality is falling thanks to international efforts," it warns.
    "We want to leave our descendants a country that is still recognisably our Germany."
  • 3 No More 'Special Rights' For Muslims At School
    No More 'Special Rights' For Muslims At School
    JOHN MACDOUGALL via Getty Images
    A brief paragraph within the education section says Muslim pupils must take part in sport and swimming lessons alongside other pupils.
    For an insight into how Muslim pupils are treated at school, one institution prohibited from Muslim children from the "provocative" act of praying in March. This was praised by the AfD.
  • 4 Axing The German-Turkish Social Security Agreement
    Axing The German-Turkish Social Security Agreement
    Morris MacMatzen via Getty Images
    Germans of Turkish descent are the country's largest immigrant diaspora. There are thought to be around three million Germans with at least one parent from Turkey. This mostly dates from when West Germany turned to Turkey in the early 1960s to import huge numbers of workers to cope with a labour shortage.
    The AfD wants to axe the German-Turkish social insurance agreement - in place since 1964 - which gives citizens of each country certain protections in the other, including health insurance.
    The party says it favours Turkish people over Germans. The AfD also opposes Turkey joining the EU.
  • 5 'Gender Ideology' Is Unconstitutional And Denies A 'Clear Picture Of The Family'
    'Gender Ideology' Is Unconstitutional And Denies A 'Clear Picture Of The Family'
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    The AfD condemns - but doesn't clearly articulate - the spread of 'gender ideology'.
    Apparently, the instruments of this ideology are gender studies, quotas for female representation and "propaganda actions" such as Equal Pay Day or gender neutral language.
    In a section on children and family, the manifesto warns this movement seeks to abolish the traditional family and claims it is against the law, which the party says, defends traditional marriage.