Another Mum From School Called Out My Kid's Lunches. Was I Right To Tell Her To F*ck Off?

"That woman 100% earned the f*ck off."
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In a post shared to r/AmITheAsshole (AITA), site user Pastel-Clouds-808 asked, “AITA for telling one of my daughter’s classmates’ moms to fuck off about what I put in my daughter’s lunch?”

She explained at the start of the post that she likes to cook Japanese food for her kid’s lunches, “because my family enjoys these foods, I like to cook these foods, and my mom cooked a bunch of these foods growing up since she’s half Japanese.”

A lot of the time she’ll leave some leftovers for her kid’s lunch or knock up a quick bento box and pair it with fruit.

Sounds tasty!

Well, apparently not to another school mum, who the original poster (OP) called “Debra” for the sake of anonymity.

When OP’s daughter ran off to play before leaving school, the poster said that Debra approached her to ask about her kid’s lunches.

“Your daughter’s lunches have been bothering my son, and I would like to ask you to pack something else,” Debra said, according to the post author.

“She then proceeded to start talking about how her son was complaining about my daughter’s lunches smelling terrible, and that he thought it was disgusting. She also said her son didn’t eat most of his lunch because he was so grossed out.“

In response, the poster said she was sorry Debra’s son didn’t like it, but suggested he simply sit away from her daughter if the smell offended him so much.

Let’s just say Debra didn’t use her listening ears

Debra replied, “Are you kidding me? My son shouldn’t have to put up with whatever crap you make your daughter bring to this school. It’s disgusting,” the poster added.

At that point, OP said, “She started making more vaguely racist complaints, but I was fed up at this point.”

The poster replied, “Listen, I understand your son might not like my daughter’s food, but he can very easily just not sit next to her. I’m not changing what’s in my daughter’s lunches because you and your kid don’t want to exist near Asian food. Fuck off.”

The original poster added that when she told her husband about the story, he said she shouldn’t have used language like that towards Debra as it could provoke her further.

People had *thoughts* in the comments

The poster has been officially dubbed “not the A-hole” (NTA) by the r/AmITheAsshole subreddit.

“NTA, racism should always be called out and you were right to blow up on her,” one commenter wrote.

“Though I will admit your husband could have a point as it is a possibility this is not the end of this conflict. If your child brings up anything about the other lady’s kid bullying her or anything, act on it quickly,” they added.

“NTA. That woman 100% earned the fuck off. We need to start telling more people to fuck off when they think that they should be able to tailor their experience of the world by controlling what other people are doing,” another Redditor opined.

Yet another site user wrote, “You didn’t go quite far enough. ‘Fuck off, and when you get there fuck off again.’ It’s none of their business what your daughter eats for lunch ― it’s not like you’re forcing her kid to eat it.”

Have you ever dealt with a Debra-type parent? What did you do?