I Knew An Announcement At My Brother's Wedding Would Upset Our Mother. Was I Wrong To Give It Anyway?

“My mum was upset but my grandmother told her to sit down and shut up.”
Man making a speech at a wedding.
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Man making a speech at a wedding.

In a Reddit post shared to r/AITAH (am I the asshole), site user No_Kiwi_2 asked whether or not they were in the wrong for announcing their wife’s pregnancy at their brother’s wedding.

“My brother got married last weekend. Instead of a ‘welcome to the family’ toast, I used the time to announce that we were expecting our first baby,” the poster shared.

They added that they knew it might ruffle some feathers, and it did. “My mum says I was an asshole for taking attention away from my brother on his wedding day,” the poster wrote.

But they had a good reason

Though they knew the announcement would detract from the day, the poster said they did it as a form of revenge.

“My brother said he was going to propose at my wedding. I told him no. That it was a day about myself and my wife and we did not want any distractions,” he said of his brother’s own mid-nuptial show.

Their mother was on the proposing brother’s side during the poster’s wedding, he claims. “She said that he wanted family he might not see again for a while to be a part of the proposal. I said I did not give a shit and that if he did it I would have him kicked out.”

However, their mother said she’d leave too if her son was thrown out for his proposal. The post’s subject line revealed that the brother proposed regardless ― it reads “AITAH for announcing our pregnancy at my brother’s wedding after he proposed at mine?”

So, when OP announced his wife’s pregnancy at his brother’s wedding, “My mum was upset but my grandmother told her to sit down and shut up.”

He added, “We spent most of the reception talking to family we would not see again for a while about our coming baby.”

Most people agreed with the poster ― and it went so viral that it ended up on X

So many people agreed with the post author that a screenshot of the Reddit entry ended up on X, with over 600k views as of the time of writing.

In the original Reddit thread, commenters said “Grandma was the queen” and “You’re the justified asshole. He got what he deserved.”

Meanwhile, a responder to the viral X said “In Portuguese, we have a saying that goes something like ‘swapped lead does not hurt,’ which [means] something like ‘this is a dick move, but an equivalent inverse situation has happened before, so it’s all good.’”

“Love to see it,” yet another X user commented under the screenshot titled “This is hilarious. Huge w for the OP.”

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