04/04/2018 09:24 BST

Alan Carr's 'Great British Bake Off' Appearance Was Comedy Genius

His 'Rainbow' cake was the stuff of nightmares.

Channel 4

This year’s run of ‘Great British Bake Off’ celebrity specials has served up some unforgettable moments (we’re looking at you Nick Hewer), but bosses really did save the best till last with the final episode aired on Tuesday (3 April).

Alan Carr had his turn in the tent, after signing up to help raise money for Stand Up To Cancer, and it’s fair to say he turned out to be as bad as we were expecting.

But what the comedian didn’t have in baking prowess he more than made up for with a series of hilarious disasters that had us all howling...

Before even getting to work, Alan revealed he’d suffered a baking-related injury during a practise run at home

His apple and pecan muffins didn’t turn out to be a triumph

His rolling pastry technique could definitely have done with a bit more work

His custard pie wasn’t fit to even throw in someone’s face

His cake mix nearly got an added ingredient (which would have been quite the choking hazard)

In fact, the mixer definitely wasn’t Alan’s friend

Neither was the oven, tbf

He had his very own bincident 

And his ‘Rainbow’-inspired cake turned out to be the stuff of nightmares

The over-baked sponge didn’t exactly prove a hit with the judges either

Nevertheless, it’s fair to say Alan had a cracking time in the tent, and we can only applaud his efforts

You can catch up on ‘The Great Celebrity Bake Off’ on All4 now, and you can still donate to Stand Up To Cancer here

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