31/12/2017 09:29 GMT

'The Price Is Right' Viewers Demand Full Series After Alan Carr's Festive Special

Come on down!

Viewers have called for more ‘The Price Is Right’ after Alan Carr rebooted the classic gameshow for a festive special after 10 years off air. 

The comedian followed in the footsteps of Bruce Forsyth and Leslie Crowther as he fronted a one-off edition for Channel 4 on Saturday (30 January) night. 

It seems it was a hit too, with fans praising the new and updated version, which featured Alan’s unique brand of humour, on Twitter. 

Many called for Channel 4 to make a whole series...

‘The Price Is Right’ first aired on ITV in 1984 with Leslie Crowther as host, before moving to Sky One in 1988 when Bob Warman took over. 

After six years off air, Brucie brought the show back to ITV in 1995, hosting until 2001. 

Joe Pasquale also fronted it from 2006 to 2007. 

Speaking about bringing it back after 10 years off air, Alan previously told Radio Times the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 

“It’s good old family fun and I think in the current climate a nice big helping of nostalgia to make us feel all snuggly is just what the doctor ordered,” he said. 

“It’s such a simple idea and the best game shows, I think, are the ones that are simple.

“We all like a guessing game and with Black Friday gaining momentum every year and our appetite for sniffing out the best prices of things online or in shops, it’s still an interesting idea.”

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