26/04/2017 14:13 BST

PMQs: Parents Asked To Clean School Toilets Because Of Tory Funding Cuts, Warns Labour MP

'This is the reality of a Tory government.'

A Labour MP has claimed Tory funding cuts mean a school in Southampton has been forced to ask parents to “clean the school toilets”. 

Speaking at PMQ’s this afternoon, Alan Whitehead invited Theresa May to join him in a tour of the schools in his constituency, saying she would find them in “despair”. 

According to the MP for Southampton Test, there has been a 10% cut to pupil funding in his constituency, the equivalent of £475 per student or “almost 400 teaching jobs across the city”. 

“She’d find also one school that is inviting parents to clean the school toilets,” Whitehead added. 

The MP’s statement comes just weeks after a survey revealed that one in six state schools has sent letters to parents asking for money to keep them in the black. 

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner tweeted her support for Whitehead’s claim, stating: “This is the reality of a Tory government.” 

But when responding to Whitehead’s question, the Prime Minister blamed the current funding formula on the opposition.

Calling the formula “not fair”, May said: “Labour did nothing in 13 years of government to address it.

“It’s important to get it right. We will be responding into the consultation in due course.”  

Claiming that 7,000 more children in Southampton Test are now in “good or outstanding schools”, the PM added: “Under our proposed reforms, council funding for schools in his constituency would rise.” 

A poll released by Ipsos MORI today suggested May is on course for a comfortable election victory, with the Conservatives on 49% while Labour trail at 26%.