The Labour leader didn’t say if he liked it.
The foreign secretary is the one to beat as the Conservatives brace themselves for a summer-long civil war.
The outgoing prime minister told of his "pain" as he took a swipe at the Tory MPs who have removed him from office.
The bungled event was canned after more than 100 leading organisations pulled out in a row over conversion therapy.
The Labour deputy leader gave her first interview after a Tory MP claimed she crossed and uncrossed her legs to distract the prime minister.
The medic had been expressing her fears about No.10's decision to drop Covid rules.
The PM only covered the cost following media reports on “wallpapergate”, but he was cleared of breaking the ministerial code.
Douglas Ross intervened as Boris Johnson embroiled in 'cash for curtains' scandal over funding of Downing Street revamp.
Tom Tugendhat tells HuffPost UK: “If they are going to drag it out then it will begin to look like they are playing politics with it and that would be a great shame.”
"The government’s latest approach appears to be to shrug their shoulders and say ‘scandal? What scandal?'"