07/11/2017 14:18 GMT | Updated 09/11/2017 09:29 GMT

Forget The John Lewis Ad, Aldi's Kevin The Carrot Is Back And Looking For Lurrrve

We're rooting for you Kev 🥕

Everyone’s favourite carrot is back on TV - and this time, he’s getting his flirt on.

Aldi’s Christmas advert made its debut on ITV Tuesday night starring the oh-so-adventurous Kevin the carrot.

If you need a refresh, Kev starred in last year’s advert as he tried to make his way across the dinner table to where Santa’s mince pies were. When he arrived there, he had a quick nap and ended up dangling off a reindeer’s antler, propelling Santa’s sleigh through the sky.

But it left many questions unanswered, mainly: did our Kev end up as reindeer fodder?

Well, in the new advert, it transpires that Kevin is alive and (reasonably) safe. He’s also single and ready to mingle.

Kevin and Katie making eyes at one another.

Picking up from where last year’s campaign left off, the new advert - narrated by Golden Globe winner Jim Broadbent - opens with Kevin posing as a snowman’s nose before being dislodged by the rumbling of an approaching train.

Jumping aboard, Kevin discovers this isn’t just any train, but a luxurious sleeper complete with a dining car and an amazing Christmas feast (all from Aldi, of course). Sat amongst it all, on a heap of mince pies, is Katie the carrot.

The advert sees Kevin brave the dangers of the dinner table including flying Champagne corks, precarious cheese towers and being shot by peas for the chance to speak to Katie.

The 60-second campaign aired for the first time on Tuesday 7 November at 7.15pm on ITV. 

Adam Zavalis, marketing director at Aldi UK, says: “We launched Kevin last year with the line, ‘heroes are grown, not born’. And Kevin really did grow into our hero. Our customers took him to their hearts and enjoyed watching his escapades in the run up to Christmas.

“We just had to bring him back again this year to help showcase our latest show-stopping festive range. Let’s hope Katie the Carrot loves Kevin as much as we all do.”

Soft toy versions of Kevin and Katie will also be available in stores from 23 November for £2.99 in support of Aldi’s charity partner, Teenage Cancer Trust.