18/04/2017 10:49 BST

Why Aldi's Own Brand 'Hula Hoops' Look Suspiciously Like The Real Thing

Knew it.

If you’ve ever thought Aldi’s own brand ‘Hula Hoops’ looks uncannily like the real McCoy, a shopper may have just discovered why.

Graeme Clapp and his wife Sarah recently purchased a multipack of Aldi’s Snackrite Hoops from their local store.

But Mr Clapp, from Gloucestershire, claims the bag did not contain the discount potato hoops. Instead, he was “amazed” to find it stuffed with original KP Hula Hoops.

The creator of Hula Hoops, KP Snacks, has since confirmed that it does make products for Aldi in the same factory.

KP Snacks

Mr Clapp told The Sun that at first, he thought the mix up was a prank.

“I immediately called out to my wife and asked jokingly, ‘have you put Hula Hoops in the Aldi Snackrite multipack?’ ‘No’ she replied. ‘They must have left the factory that way,’” he said.

“On the packaging the recipe and nutritional information on the back of the KP version is virtually identical to the Snackrite equivalent.

“I found the whole thing very amusing, I would bet they are the same product in different packets.”

Mr Clap was pretty chuffed with the mix up as Aldi’s Snackrite Hoops sell at 99p for 10 packs of 25g bags, while original Hula Hoops usually retail at £1.60 for seven packs of 24g bags.

The Clapps are not the first family to experience a Hula Hoop-related surprise.

In 2015, Martin O’Hanlon tweeted to say his wife had found a bag of Aldi own brand hoops inside a KP multipack.

In a statement, a KP spokesperson denied the hoops are made with identical recipes. 

“This looks like an unfortunate error at the packaging stage which we are investigating,” they said.

“KP Snacks does make products for Aldi at the same site as its own Hula Hoops brand, although the products are made on different lines and to different formulations.”

An Aldi spokesperson told HuffPost UK they had nothing to add on the incident.