Aldi To Sell 8 Types Of Gin Ready For Christmas - And They're All Under £20

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Aldi is set to become incredibly popular with gin-lovers, after it revealed stores will be offering up eight types of gin priced £20 and under, just in time for Christmas.

The budget supermarket with be selling everything from pink gin to sloe gin.

Figures show gin is the number one contributor to all spirit sales this year - and with popularity growing, it’s expected to be one of the biggest trends of the festive season.

Without further ado, here are the eight hand-picked premium gins Aldi stores will be offering come October. Trolleys at the ready!

1. Oliver Cromwell 1599 Sloe Gin - £9.99 (50cl)

“From the first taste, an intensely aromatic plum and cherry flavour resonates throughout the mouth, closely followed by a hint of almond from the stone of the sloe fruit, giving a full and complex taste.

“The London Gin swiftly makes an appearance, cutting through plummy notes with a crisp tone of juniper and coriander.”

Available nationwide in stores and online from 1 October.

2. Topaz Blue Premium Gin - £13.99 (70cl)

“Elegance in a bottle: a balanced mix of wild botanicals and fruits with a touch of citrus and juniper. Mix with frozen berries for a perfect festive tipple to crack open for seasonal celebrations.”

Available in stores from 1 October.

3. La Fleuriste French Gin - £19.99 (70cl)

“A beautifully floral gin, crafted from 17 carefully selected botanicals and spices. On the nose, this gin is complex and elegant, with delicate notes of blossom closely followed by a citrus and juniper finish.”

Available nationwide in stores and online from 14 November.

4. Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom Gin - £19.99 (70cl)

“Inspired by an old Victorian recipe, this Old Tom Gin is a lighter, less intense alternative to the London Dry Gin. Star anise botanicals and a dash of refined sugar create a full-bodied and perfectly balanced gin – silky, smooth and a deliciously sweet profile.”

Available nationwide in stores and online from 14 November.

5. Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin - £19.99 (70cl)

“A delicious gin mixed from eight botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, Sicilian lemon, Seville orange, cassia bark and star anise) following a traditional Victorian recipe.

“This gin has a beautiful pink hue from Angostura bitters and is perfectly balanced between sweet and dry.”

Available nationwide in stores and online from 14 November.

6. Boyle’s Premium Irish Small Batch Craft Gin - £19.99 (70cl)

“New to Aldi UK, this gin has a successful past in Ireland, where it won 2016 ‘Overall Best Gin’ at the Irish Whiskey Awards.

“It’s a well-balanced dry gin, scented with hints of orange and juniper. An initially spicy flavour followed by a mellow and smooth finish.”

Available nationwide in stores and online from 14 November.

7. Needle Blackforest Gin - £14.99 (50cl)

“A carefully distilled gin from a mix of 11 botanicals, ranging from lavender to hand-picked spruce needles. Complimented by hints of ginger and sun-dried lemons and oranges, this gin is both unique and distinctive.”

Available nationwide in stores and online from 14 November.

8. Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin (£9.97, 70cl)

“2017 has been an impressive year for Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin, which scooped a gold medal at the 2017 IWSC Awards, beating competitors up to six times the price.

“Light, with a touch of juniper, Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin has a clear, crisp and complex flavour, ideal for the ultimate gin and tonic.”

Available in stores now.