Aldi Is Selling A Six-Litre Bottle Of Prosecco – But The Price Doesn't Quite Add Up

Is it really as much of a bargain as you'd expect? We crunched the numbers.

Party season is just around the corner and Aldi is celebrating by relaunching its six-litre bottle of prosecco, after a sell-out last year.

The mega bottle of Giotti Prosecco – which is the equivalent of eight normal 75cl bottles – was so popular in 2019 it sold out in a single day.

But customers might want to be wary of the cost of the Methuselah bottle, which retails for £99.99, because the numbers don’t quite add up.

Elsewhere on the Aldi website, you can buy a magnum (1.5 litres) of Giotti Prosecco for £13.99. So if you bought four individual magnum bottles, which would be the equivalent of six litres, it would cost you £55.96.

That’s a pretty steep price hike, working out at an additional £44.03 for the six-litre Methuselah bottle.

It even says on the magnum listing that you can buy a case of six bottles (nine litres) for £83.94 – giving you three litres more than the Methuselah for £16 less.

The 1.5 litre bottle of Giotti for £13.99.
HuffPost UK
The 1.5 litre bottle of Giotti for £13.99.

If you want to save even more cash, you could go for a bottle of Aldi’s most budget prosecco instead. The Castellore Prosecco Frizzante is sold online for £4.99 per 75cl bottle – so you could get 20 bottles (15 litres) for the same price as the Giotti Prosecco Methuselah.

After crunching the numbers, HuffPost UK asked Aldi whether the Methuselah bottle was worse value than buying individual bottles.

A spokesperson said: “As we’re confident that you can’t buy a product this good anywhere else for less, it’s a wonderful addition to any Christmas party this season and a chance to delve into something extra special.”

We were then told by supermarket that the Methuselah bottle costs more to manufacture because it’s much larger and is produced in lower quantities than the smaller-sized bottles.

If you’re still interested in investing in the giant bottle (it would look cool at a party), you can expect it to taste: “Light, fun and frothy – with notes of parma violets, ripe pear and papaya, as well as having a soft and well-balanced palate,” according to Aldi.

The Giotti Prosecco Methuselah will be on sale from 1 November, although be warned – you can only buy one per customer.

If you fancy champagne instead, Aldi is selling its Veuve Monsigny Champagne, which sold 1.4 million bottles in 2018, for £12.49.