Alex Jones Sums Up Struggle Of Mums Going Back To Work: 'The Juggle Begins'

The One Show presenter said she had "so many different feelings" returning to the studio.
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Alex Jones has summed up the struggle mums feel when they return to work after maternity leave – and women can relate.

The 42-year-old TV presenter, who is mum to two-year-old Teddy and seven-month-old Kit with her husband Charlie Thomson, shared a black and white photo of herself cuddling her boys.

“Back to work today, so many different feelings,” she wrote. “Anxious about leaving the boys, excited to be back on the show. As soon as I put lipstick on this morning, little Ted looked at me with his huge brown eyes and asked, ‘where are you going mummy?’ It nearly killed me.”

Jones added that she’s looking forward to going back to a job she loves, adding, “But my goodness, I’ll miss these two. So here we go... the juggle begins.”

Women commenting on Jones’s post were able to relate to her feelings. “Like yourself, I’m going back after baby number two in a few weeks and feel the exact same emotions,” one mum wrote. “We will all adapt really soon to the new routine, I hope!! You’ll do so well.”

Another commented: “I’m in exactly the same boat, have a small cry after dropping them off at the childminder for the first time today. The struggle is real. Sending you love.”

Others who had been there offered advice to Jones, and the other mums. “It’s so hard, I’ve been there, but you’re like all the rest of us and leading the example for working mums across the country, so be proud and remember you’re providing for them.”

And a mum also wrote: “Oh happy juggling, it will be tough at times. Mine are older now, glad I had my work with my family too. You will get through it.”