Maternity Leave

Pregnant Then Screwed argued the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme meant less support for women who had recently had children.
Sabina Kadic-Mackenzie and her husband did the same degree – at different costs.
It might seem a luxury to invest in more support for parents but it would reduce the amount of mental health intervention needed in years – if not decades – to come, writes Emily Tredget.
The One Show presenter said she had "so many different feelings" returning to the studio.
People may not expect you to return to work. And they won’t think anything of saying so.
That's despite the 2010 Equality Act making pregnancy discrimination illegal in the UK.
They didn't call it 'Let Them Roar' for nothing 👶
Both mums and dads will be eligible for 52 weeks 🍻
Expecting a baby? Then you need to be sure what your rights are at work. Here’s a brief guide to what you may be entitled to.