Alexa Chung Launching Her Own Fashion Brand

This is not a drill.

It was only a matter of time and the time has finally come. Alexa Chung is launching her own clothing line.

Well, not just clothing - an entire fashion brand, selling denim, daywear, evening wear, shoes and jewellery.

The style icon’s eponymous label, Alexachung, will launch in May 2017, so we won’t even have to wait that long to wear it.

Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Chung, who has previously collaborated on clothing lines for Marks & Spencer and AG Jeans, will take the role of creative director at Alexachung.

“I just wanted the freedom to sort of make my own world, without someone else’s brand’s brief to stick to,” she told Business Of Fashion.

“That was so fun, but there are certain boundaries that come with doing something on behalf of someone else, [you] kind of have to keep within their design remit.”

Matthias Nareyek via Getty Images

A six-person design team is already in place and the brand is set to sell its wares at selected luxury retailers like Selfridges, and MyTheresa, as well as through its own dedicated website.

But don’t let the term ‘luxury’ scare you off. Chung says she isn’t making something with a “crazy high price point”.

Whatever the price, we bet the pieces will all be instant sellouts.

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