Alexa Chung Makes A Shocking Fashion Revelation

We can't quite believe this.

Alexa Chung is the reigning queen of effortless style, but we didn't realise quite how naturally it all comes to her.

In a new cover interview with Stylist magazine, the model and fashion icon revealed she doesn't own a full-length mirror.

Yep, you read that right.

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Apparently the mirror she does own (that she "found on the street in New York") is covered in clothes and her bathroom mirror only goes down to her waist.

So how does Chung look so put together?

"I have to feel whether something might look proportionally correct," she told the publication.

"I really do adore clothes so I'm often thinking about them and already editing in my mind what would or wouldn't suit me."

September 2006

Alexa Chung's Style Evolution