13 Things The World Wouldn't Have Had Without Alexander McQueen

'Give me time and I'll give you a revolution.'

It has already been eight years since the world of fashion lost the inimitable Alexander McQueen.

Renowned for his fearless catwalks, groundbreaking design, and all-round nice guy attitude, we look back at 13 things the world would be missing if we’d never had McQueen.

1. That Skull Print
Kate Moss wore McQueen's iconic skull print at a fashion charity auction in June 2004. The print that went on to generate a thousand knock-off versions.
2. The First Disabled Magazine Cover Star
Dazed Magazine
Paralympic Athlete Aimee Mullins appeared on the cover of Dazed’s September 1998 Fashion Able issue, photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Alexander McQueen.
3. Builder's Bums On The Catwalk
McQueen put a lot of builder's bums in his Highland Rape collection, AW'95/96, spawning years of low slung jeans and muffin tops.
4. Tartan At Buckingham Palace
McQueen collected his CBE in October 2003 honouring his Scottish ancestors.
5. Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress
The Duchess of Cambridge had her dress designed by Sarah Burton, who was McQueen's protégé and personal assistant for years before his death. She took over as the creative director of McQueen's luxury fashion house when he died the year before the Royal wedding.
6. Those Shoes
Made famous by Lady Gaga at the VMAs in 2010, these Alexander McQueen armadillo boots were instantly iconic.
7. Taxidermy On The Catwalk
A full head-dress of stuffed birds was sent down the runway in McQueen's Spring 2001 collection. Creepy.
8. Butterflies, Lots Of Butterflies
If we thought birds were big news, in spring 2008 butterflies swarmed McQueen's show at Palais Omnisport in Paris.
9. Innovative Technology Meeting Fashion
For McQueen's AW'03/04 collection in Paris he had a scan of his brain photocopied on to all of the invitations.
10. A New Type Of Model
Even when McQueen was a relatively new graduate, he was fearless in his runway decisions. Not least in the Spring of 2001 when he put a naked Michelle Olley in a glass box.
11. That Make Up Look
Never known for shying away from shocking images, in 2009, McQueen showed his most iconic beauty look ever. That lipstick though.
12. Dogs on The Catwalk
McQueen's adoration for his furry companions was well documented, and when he died he left £50,000 of his £16 million fortune to his pets.
13. This Look
Enough said.

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