Ant And Dec Pranked Alison Hammond And It Was Predictably Hilarious – But It Nearly Went Very Wrong

“None of this is going to plan,” Dec admitted as the Saturday Night Takeaway team scrambled to get the Undercover prank back on track.

During an interview on This Morning last year, Alison Hammond bravely told infamous pranksters Ant and Dec they would “never get her” with one of their famous Undercover stunts on Saturday Night Takeaway.

Well, the Geordie duo took that as somewhat of a challenge – the results of which we saw as the hit show returned on Saturday.

Ant and Dec staged an elaborate prank on Alison, making her believe she was staying in a haunted hotel, and it was predictably hilarious.

However, the boys were so good at spooking Alison, that in fact the prank almost ended abruptly when the daytime presenter left the hotel, refusing to stay there.

Alison’s driver had not been briefed on the prank, and when she asked him to take her home, Ant and Dec and their team were left scrambling to get things back on track and stop Alison from leaving.

“None of this is going to plan,” Dec admitted.

After they eventually engaged Alison’s This Morning producer, who was accompanying her, she was persuaded to stay, before more chaos ensued as they conjured up “spirits” to spook Alison.

As the boys later revealed themselves as being behind the supernatural goings on at the hotel, Alison screamed and declared she’d “never been so scared in my life”.

Alison Hammond was pranked by Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway
Alison Hammond was pranked by Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway

“You actually got me! That was so good,” she said.

Prior to the show airing, Ant and Dec admitted that it was the closest they had ever come to one of their pranks going wrong.

“We’d almost done too good a job at making it spooky,” they said in an interview on The One Show earlier this week.

“That is the one that nearly went absolutely haywire... We had to do anything we could to keep her there.”

Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway continues on Saturday at 7pm on ITV1.


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