Alison Hammond's Video Tribute To Kylie Minogue Is Genuinely Frame-For-Frame Perfect

The presenter recreated the Can't Get You Out Of My Head video for a special This Morning interview.

After teasing us all earlier this month, Alison Hammond has unveiled her musical tribute to Kylie Minogue, and we can confirm it was well worth the wait.

The This Morning presenter filmed an homage to the Aussie star’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head video, complete with copycat outfits and choreo.

And we’re not just saying this because we love everyone and everything involved, but it is actually frame-for-frame perfect.

Alison Hammond and Kylie Minogue
Alison Hammond and Kylie Minogue

Seriously, take a look...


Alison made the video ahead of interviewing Kylie for the ITV daytime show on Thursday.

During the chat, Alison was keen to get the dirt on Kylie’s legal battle with US reality star Kylie Jenner, who had wanted to trademark the use of their first name.

“What happened there babes?” Alison enquired.

Alison also interviewed Kylie over video link
Alison also interviewed Kylie over video link

“We came to an agreement…” Kylie admitted.

Alison said: “Well, when we think of Kylie we think of you, we don’t think of anyone else.”

Kylie then said: “Well, thanks Alison. I mean it’s different in America, that’s not my market so we came to an agreement. She can use it in some places and I can use it in other places. So I’m all yours!”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.


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