Alison Hammond Hilariously Realises She's Been Calling 'Trick Or Treat' Something Completely Different

"I’m 45 years old and I never knew that!” Alison said as she fronted a Halloween segment on This Morning.

Any time Alison Hammond is in the This Morning studio, laughs are always guaranteed, and things were no different when she popped up to host a Halloween segment on Wednesday.

The presenter had Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield laughing out loud after realising she’d believed trick or treating was called something completely different for her whole life.

As Alison trailed her Halloween Hacks slot at the top of the show, Phillip noticed she’d used the term “treacle treat”.

“Treacle treat?! What’s a treacle treat?!” he asked.

Alison Hammond on This Morning
Alison Hammond on This Morning

“Is it not treacle treat?” a stunned Alison said, to which Phillip replied: “It’s not treacle – it’s trick or treat!”

“No way. Are you serious?” Alison said. “I thought it was treacle treat. I’m 45 years old and I never knew that!”

After Phillip enquired if that meant she went round to other people’s houses with treacle, she said: “I never did Halloween really. I don’t celebrate.”

Holly then joked: “You’re the perfect person to do this item – great!”

Alison was then curious as to what the “trick” was supposed to be, with Holly explaining people might “throw eggs at your house or something” if you don’t give them treats.

Holly admitted she’d made similar mistakes in the past, believing a handbag to be a “hambag” and a window sill to be a “window still”.

The segment amused viewers on Twitter, with some also sharing some of their own misunderstandings of certain sayings...

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