Caught In The Middle Of The Taxi Strike? Here Are Some Alternative Modes Of Transport

With another taxi strike hitting commuters, we rounded up some alternatives that are safe and affordable.
Taxis are seen at a terminal in Johannesburg, South Africa, March 20, 2018.
Taxis are seen at a terminal in Johannesburg, South Africa, March 20, 2018.
Siphiwe Sibeko/ Reuters

The South African National Taxi Council announced on Sunday that certain taxis will be on a one-day strike on Monday in retaliation for the Johannesburg Metro Police Department having impounded hundreds of vehicles.

The impounding of about 500 vehicles is as a result of a range of alleged traffic and licensing infringements. This is not the first taxi strike this year, and even if some of the taxi drivers' grievances are reasonable, strikes leaves many commuters in the lurch.

Many South Africans have no option but to use public transport to commute to and from work every day, and alternative modes of transport like Uber and Gautrain can be costly.

Commuters need to look at alternative, safe, economical modes of transport to get to work and back.

Some ideas:

1. Carpooling

This not only means saving money by sharing costs with other riders (which is a major benefit), but it also means that you'll save time commuting to and from work and also ultimately, reduce traffic.

2. Bus - Rea Vaya and Metro buses

Travelling by bus allows the benefit of consistency in a schedule and travelling time, including the fact that you can preload your ticket in advance for the whole month, which will assist in having a clear budget set for travel.

3. Cycling

Not only will this sneak health benefits into your lifestyle, but it will ensure that you get to work quicker — as bikes are twice as a fast as a car in traffic. Biking will also make you happier, and ultimately save you rands — no fuel-price hikes!

4. Tuk-Tuks

If you're based in Sandton central or Melville, this service will be of great relief in terms of saving and also getting to work on time. The e-tuktuk service serves Braamfontein, Fordsburg, Greenside, Westdene and other nearby suburbs.

5. Uber, Taxify or Gautrain

These three will probably be a bit more expensive than the rest — but they are equally reliable and efficient modes of transport to the workplace

Prices will differ based on location and destination, but they can be of great assistance in ensuring that you get to work.

Taxis need to ensure that they are safe enough to be used by commuters, and this means that the taxi association needs to make a concerted effort to check these vehicles and make sure they are roadworthy — and that the safety of the commuters is put first.

If this had been the case, none of the vehicles which have been impounded would have been in this predicament.

Bara, the biggest taxi rank in Soweto, South Africa, June 1 2017.
Bara, the biggest taxi rank in Soweto, South Africa, June 1 2017.
Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters

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