Economy and Governance

'The impact of going car-free goes well beyond decongesting the city.'
'Reform is clearly needed. All that’s in dispute is what it should look like.'
'The integration of man and machine in the workplace started by decreasing human labour, and eventually human labour will be replaced entirely.'
'Students must learn science in a way that allows them to build their repertoire of transferable skills.'
We feel their pain. Some of the issues raised will help them, says striker.
'Part of the reason for the crisis is the ANC’s failure to tackle the exclusion of millions from the mainstream economy,' says Professor Steven Friedman.
From a water perspective, we live in a ‘world of Cape Towns’.
'Leaders will need to effectively spearhead change-management strategies to adjust the workplace.'
Government and NGO programmes alone cannot create the paradigm shift that is needed to combat South Africa’s devastating inequality.